This whole production came from a voice line from Justin Roiland's interview ( ) and it inspired me to make a Disney parody teaser trailer with just that clip!
 I modeled, textured, rigged and animated the carrot and environment. It was a fun challenge to build out a production (and essentially, a brand) from a single voice line. I aimed to give it a look as if Justin Roiland was able to make a Disney feature film, and I wanted to work on character animation and lip sync. 
For this carrot character, I experimented with a hair controller to ease the process of animating all the hair leaves. Every leaf on the carrot has their own ik spline handles and are linked together by driven keys. With this hair controller I could animate all the branches of the hair at once and then add additional animation to each stub using animation layers. 
I used a combination of Substance painter and Procreate for the texturing for this project. To capture Justin Roiland's iconic scribble-drawn pupils, and for the majority of the toy box, I exported those maps from Procreate into Substance Painter. 

Texturing the carrot was a fun challenge, as I tried to be as detailed as possible with hand-drawn height maps for the carrot hair leaves. I used various overlays and materials to give the carrot a more rugged look. 

For the toy I simplified a lot of the details of the carrot texture and went for a very plastic look. I wanted the toy box to look believable from afar, but a fun joke when taking a closer look. 
Thank you so much for checking out my animation! Hope you enjoyed! 
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