Hey there! Thank you for visiting my web portfolio! 
I’m John C. Ortiz, and I’m a 3D animator, designer, and storyteller currently based in Dallas, Texas. I’m a first-generation American and a son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic. I studied Animation & Digital Media at Philadelphia University, but my passion for creating stories started in my childhood. I grew up with a strong passion for fine arts and I found myself making stories for each new project. With animation, I’m able to tell my stories through my art. 
Animation is such a powerful medium of storytelling where, as an artist, you have control of every pixel. From pre-production to the final edit, I enjoy having my hands involved throughout the entire process.  I proudly consider myself a generalist and a lifetime student. With each new project, I always strive to continue to grow and learn as an artist.
Growing up I noticed there was a lack of diversity when it came to children’s cartoons and media, and made it a mission of mine to use my ability to uplift diverse stories to the front in my works. Representation matters, and I want to tell my stories for all the children of color to see themselves in the media. 
To conclude, I’m a guy who loves to make beautiful art and tell purposeful stories. Shoot me an email if you’d like to know more!
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