This is my section of the 'Ride with you' animjam between several different industry professional animators who gathered together and cut clips of a song to animate to. This animjam is still ongoing, but I wanted to present the work I put into my section. Most clips are around 8-12 seconds long and chosen at a random order. The only parameter set for each animator was to follow a specific color scheme to have all sections feel cohesive when collected and put together. 

The vision I saw for my clip was of a unlikely couple riding a rollercoaster together and going through the literal ups and downs of their journey together, but ultimately ending up with their happily ever after.  
Here are the character turn arounds with their own fly cycles. For these models I really wanted to push how far I could go with more simple geometry and more complex maps. For each character I sculpted details into a high-typology model and baked those maps onto the character models. 

For their fly cycles, I wanted to represent how different each characters were with their flying. Harold, the elephant, is much heavier and needs a larger more powerful swing to lift himself up. While Amy, the duck, is light and flying comes easy for her.
Heres the turnaround for the environment I modeled for this animation. I created the roller coaster tracks, railing, supports and beams using blender's geometry nodes and used curves to create the path of the coaster. I created the stylized tree tops, bushes, and clouds using geometry nodes of sphere clusters shaded using custom normals to give a 2D effect. The sphere clusters are rendered using different renderers than the rest of the scene, and for this animation I really needed to work with render layers and compositing to make this all come together.
Here are some render stills from the animation. I really learned to frame the scene through the camera for stronger compositions. If it looks right, it is right! 
Here's an early animatic I made when I first imagined my section of this animjam. We collected the animatics and put them together to get an early image of how the animatic would flow together.
Here is the more final version! 
Edits for transitions are expected once we collect all final renders

Thank you for checking out this project! 
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