Made some 3D fan art of one of my favorite games of all time, Enter the Gungeon. Enter the Gungeon is a pixel art bullet hell roguelike video game developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital. This game was my go-to game during quarantine and helped me so much, I decided to make some art. I reimagined the classic pixel art look of the game in CG. 
I reimagined the enemy of the Chest Mimic in 3D. Watch it above! I imagine what the chest mimic would look like from the players point of view. One of the subtle signs that the chest is actually a mimic is the subtle breathing the mimic has. If you unlock the chest mimic, the mimic shoots, through an inner gun, a cursed bullet that will hit you for a whole heart! I've learned to always shoot once at the chest before opening. Just to be safe! If you're interested in seeing the behind the scenes- check out the 3D mimic rig breakdown below! 
For another entry of Enter the Gungeon fan art, I made a Ser Junkan Evolution Line up in 3D. Ser Junkan is a companion item that appears from destroying a treasure chest. He is a living fighting piece of junk. You can level him up by obtaining more junk and he can grow to be extremely powerful. Below are all the forms that Ser Junkan can evolve to! 
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